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Talbot & Yoon

Talbot & Yoon is an award winning design firm founded by architects Mark and Youngjin and dedicated to creating architecture for everyone at the scale of furniture. This sentiment is reflected in a range of homewares designed out of their Red Hook, Brooklyn-based studio, including their signature Goober Candles. Initially inspired by the ways organic forms deform when they move, Talbot & Yoon’s Goobers reference fundamental principles of physical animation known as ‘Squash and Stretch’.

Early Disney animators were able to transform inanimate objects into animate ones through simple and subtle manipulations of line and shape. With movement also came emotions — ones as multifaceted as our own. In squashing and stretching lumps of wax into soft, plump shapes, Talbot & Yoon arrived at their Goober creations. Emulating the various feelings expressed by these individual shapes, each candle also embodies the intimate emotions we experience when we feel compelled to light a candle.


Goober Candle (Eh - Blue)


Goober Candle (El - Purple)


Goober Candle (Em - Green)


Goober Candle (Eph - Pink)




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