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Founded in 2020 by a Melbourne-based candle enthusiast at the beginning of what would become the world's longest lockdown, Flint was born out of the desire for practical yet aesthetically pleasing devices to use for intimate at-home rituals. Offering a considered approach to elevated household items without compromising on function, the Rechargeable Lighter is the first product to be released by Flint.

Providing a safe and reliable flame at your fingertips with the press of a button, the Rechargeable Lighter instantly refines your candle burning experience. Instead of using fuel or an open flame, a small electrical arc is created between two electrodes that can ignite even the most stubborn of wicks. When compared to disposable butane lighters this clever instrument provides a safer and more sustainable alternative.

Functional, beautiful and made to last, say goodbye to filling your drawers with stray boxes of matches and empty plastic canisters forever with the Rechargeable Lighter by Flint.



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