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Carl Durkow

Carl Durkow is a product designer and maker of candles working from his eponymous design studio based in Philadelphia. Placing a focus on making distinctive objects to be lived with and cared for, he designs everything from lighting to furniture, as well as a bespoke range of candles in a number of striking silhouettes.

Designed both deliberately and incidentally, the candles elevate beeswax into a number of different sculptural expressions, imitating artful shapes similar to chess pawns, enormous beads stacked tall and giant honey dippers. Providing both decorative adornment and practical illumination, the humble personality that underpins Durkow’s design sensibility radiates brightly.


Bub (Denim)


Bub (Rose)


Bub (White)


Dipper (White)


Dipper (Rose)


Dipper (Green)




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