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We're a candle store based in Melbourne

Too Pretty To Burn is an Australian candle retailer offering a curated selection of unique designer candles sourced from all over the world. Founded in 2020, Too Pretty To Burn seeks to bring luxurious wax creations into the homes of all who cherish them.

Burn, baby, burn.

Playing on an oxymoron, we believe that no candle is ever too pretty to burn. Although if there were such a thing, you’d be sure to find it in our store. Purveyors of the most exclusive and elusive candle brands, we gravitate towards wax lights that speak to a sensibility inspired by unexpected yet aesthetically pleasing contemporary design. We lean into the artisanal, the experimental and the ornamental. We value original fragrances, ethical practices and high quality ingredients.

To us, lighting a candle is a sensory experience, a ritual that should be enjoyed with others and treasured in solitude. We believe that this simple act can elevate the atmosphere of a space and bring clarity to the mind. From the coveted to the curious, at Too Pretty To Burn there’s an artful wax creation for every mood and occasion. Just light a match and let it burn, baby.



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